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Wills and/or Power of Attorney

Wills Online in around 10 Minutes

For many people, visiting a Solicitor is viewed as a daunting, expensive, time-consuming process which they'd rather put off - which may explain why an alarming 8 out of 10 UK adults haven't made a Will (and even fewer have made an Enduring Power of Attorney).

Wills - Why you need one

If you are one of those 8 out of 10, consider whether you want a state of affairs whereby after your death
Wills spouse
your spouse receives only a fraction of your assets
Wills Children
children or grandchildren receive assets on terms you may not like
Wills no guardians
no guardians have been appointed for your children and who looks after them is decided by the courts
Wills non-blood relatives
non-blood relatives, friends or cohabiting partners are completely excluded tax liabilities and administration expenses are increased
Wills going into care
if your spouse has to go into care, your assets can be seized to pay the bill

All of the above can and will happen if you do not make a Will. For more details, click here.

Alternatively, you can do something about it right now, in just a few minutes, at a fixed cost, without having to visit a solicitor, and at your own speed.

At tenminutewill.co.uk you can write and print off your own Will in around 10 minutes for just £29.95 for a Single Will and £49.95 for a Mirror Will.

Additionally, if you are married, you can save up to £110,000 in Inheritance Tax by making a pair of Discretionary Trust Wills for £79.95.




Wills without a solicitor


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