A Will online in around 10 minutes



Finally, to protect the management of your affairs whilst you are alive, we also offer an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) product starting at just £27.95, with a £10 discount if you purchase your EPA(s) with your Will(s).

How our service works

1. First of all, you have the choice of making a Will, a Will and an EPA, or just an EPA on its own.

To make just a Will or a Will and an EPA, click on the link at the bottom of this page or any of the links saying ‘Write your Will now’ or click here.

To make just an EPA on its own, click on the ‘Make an EPA Only’ link on the left-hand menu click here.

2. Either of the above will open up our Intelligent Composer©, which will ask you a series of simple multiple-choice questions regarding your Will (and/or EPA) and you'll then be asked to give us some information (names, etc.). You'll get instant response times throughout this process, which will take only a few minutes, and as well as comprehensive Guidance Notes you also have online access to our qualified support staff.

3. We'll then show you a summary online and in plain English of exactly what the contents of your Will (and/or EPA) will be - with absolutely no obligation to buy. If you're not sure you've got everything exactly right, you can either go back and make changes or save your details and log off and come back later, without making any payment.





Wills 24-7 does not give advice or recommendation on your Will or Enduring Power Of Attorney needs and wants. We are not responsible for the appropriateness of the product that you might choose or the level of cover chosen

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