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8. If you have purchased the printing - binding - posting service, your Legal Document Package (suitably corrected, if necessary) will also arrive no more than 28 days later in the post.

9. You must sign and witness your document(s). Until you do, they are not legal.

10. Finally, if and when you need to revise your Will (and/or EPA) you can do so 2 times completely free of charge (we then ask you to buy another ‘batch’ of 3 free re-writes at the original price). Or, if you refer a friend to us who makes a Will and/or EPA, you can make unlimited changes for the rest of your life.

In summary, tenminutewill.co.uk’s service offers you everything you need: -
A quick, easy drafting process with online help and support
A free preview of what you’re going to get before you buy
A choice of electronic or electronic and hardcopy delivery
Every document checked by a qualified professional
A comprehensive package of supporting documentation
You don’t get charged again every time you want to make a change




wills 24-7


Wills 24-7 does not give advice or recommendation on your Will or Enduring Power Of Attorney needs and wants. We are not responsible for the appropriateness of the product that you might choose or the level of cover chosen

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